The following organizations have helped fund the production phase of the documentary:

Center for the Study of Interdisciplinarity:

CSID conducts research into the theory and practice of inter- and transdisciplinary approaches to knowledge.

The University of Film & Video Association:

The Carole Fielding Grant from UFVA supports work by undergraduate and graduate students in film and video.

The Puffin Foundation Grant:

The Puffin Foundation Ltd. provides grants that encourage emerging artists whose works might have difficulty being aired due to their genre and/or social philosophy.

Fiscal Sponsorship is provided by the International Documentary Association.

Additional Support:

Marco Armiero
Maria Baker
Sapora Bradley
Max Bravo
Ethan Brody
Joe Brown
Sean Calhoun
Fadi Chami
Henri Clinch
Dallas Arts Salon
Karen Davis
Kimberly Davis
Stephanie Davis
Susie Fillippone
Danny Ghitis
Matt Grunwald
Brian Harkin
Rhys Harper
Jim Hill
Charley Hine
Erin Hooley
Mei-Chun Jau
Serenella Iovino
Eugene Martin
Jane McDonald
Meesh Rheault Miller
Sarah Nager
Vicki Nager
Zach Nager
Bill Purvis
Terrell Quillin
Silvia Razgova
Jordan Rein
Caroline Rennie
Mike Schonebaum
Chris Scott
Josh Shayne
Allison V. Smith
Jerrie Smith
Jonathan Spangler
Theo Stroomer
Denny Thomas
Tony Tran
Renee Warnock

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